Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Are you excited about SAP Business Intelligence Training?It was once also called BW coaching previously. It is the latest craze amongst era professionals. Individuals as well as corporate houses are equally excited to get familiar with SAP BI training can be received both in conventional class rooms as well as online.

This article will speak about some of the important sides of BI training that you just should know.

1. Online Training More Beneficial

Though some prefer traditional classrooms, online training is more beneficial for learners. This is because it allows users to take the lessons even from the farthest corner of the world. If you are taking online BI courses, then be sure that you obtain quality training and have adequate software support.

If the online study materials are professionally designed, then you are assured to receive quality training.

2. Covers Several Topics

This module of SAP covers a number of topics and is taught in a steady manner. Initially learners are provided with a case study.a practical case study is integrated to help a student keep in mind the actual functionalities of SAP BI.

After students have an understanding of a case study, they are introduced to the various terminologies of OLAP such as Business Content Objects, ERP, ETL, ODS, Multi provider and Cubes.

Thereafter, candidates are taught about system environment so that they\'ve an in-depth knowledge. They get familiar with system backdrop, coding of transaction, metadata repository and business packets.

Finally, students learn to download the various features of BI.

3. Training Fees

As far as the fees are concerned, it might vary owing to a number of factors. However, the general training fees for BI is around $1500 to $2000.

4. Duration of Course 

The duration of BI coaching might vary from one institute to the other. The overall duration is approximately 80 hours, and is divided equally during the weekdays. However, depending on the learning ability of a student, the duration might be unevenly divided.

With the progress of the course, the hours per each lesson might increase. This is done because the difficulty level of the course will increase as the learning moves forward. And therefore, more time has to be allotted for difficult topics. This gives students more time in understanding complex topic.

If you wish to enroll yourself to BI training, then make sure that you have a consultation with the faculty regarding the allotment of time for each of the topics

5. Qualifications You Should Have

Though it is not mandatory for students to possess specialized programming knowledge, but it is better to have professional academic qualifications such as CA, MBA, ACCA or CMA. Possessing such qualifications will help you in better understanding of SAP BI.

6. Learn What is Relevant

I have already stated that several topics are included under BI. However, it is important to prioritize on topics. Topics that are more relevant to your learning needs should be learnt first. Some of the other topics can be learnt later.

You might be asking why not learn all the topics that are covered. Well, there is no necessity of learning all at the same time because no longer all of them are appropriate in every industry context.

However, topics that you should learn are performance modification, maintenance of data, data pack sizing and R/3 source system.

7. Learn Something Additional 

It is true that a SAP BI trainer primarily teaches topics included in the BI module. However, you should be open to learning some related topics such as ASAP (Accelerated SAP) and ALE (Application Link Enabling). You should know about these topics since they are closely related to SAP BI.

The moral of the story is that you should learn BI in order to become a knowledgeable business intelligence professional.

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